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John & Jocelyn Jamieson would like to welcome you to Piltainga Kennels, home of the Maremma Sheepdog.


The “Maremma Sheepdog” is believed to have evolved from the large white dogs of Central Europe who were mentioned in Roman writings as far back as 116BC.   It has been used in Italy for some 2000 years to protect sheep and goats from predators both animal and human and as far as we can tell was introduced into Australia about 1982.


The Maremma is naturally a protection dog, and will bond to whatever needs protection, be it animal, property, crops, or family.   This animal will be equally at home as a working dog, a companion animal or a show dog.


When considering acquiring a Maremma you should if possible view both parents in order to gain some idea of the temperament of the pups.   Pups should be obtained at about eight weeks of age, as this is the best time for bonding.    When the pup is to be a companion animal it is vitally important that is be given some obedience training and socialization


At Piltainga we aim to produce a Maremma that conforms to the authorized standard, Dogs 65 to 73 Cm and 35 to 45 KG, Bitches 60 to 68 Cm and 30 to 40 Kg with a temperament that is suitable for any of the normal uses.   It is important to remember that this breed grows very quickly so must be provided with a diet that allows for growth of the bone structure to support its rapid weight gain.


If in doubt contact a registered breeder for advice, the Canine Control organization in your state will have a list of breeders and contact details.