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The Maremma Sheepdog is a majestic white dog, of a large size and a rustic appearance.  He is strong, active, and for his size, very lithe.  He is a working dog and needs a job to keep him occupied.  His function has been to guard the flock and property of the shepherd for millennia, even in situations where man is not present.  He is devoted to his master but treats him as an equal and a friend.  He is affectionate with people he knows.


Always treat a Maremma fairly and he will turn into an indispensable guardian angel for your stock, your farm and your family.
Dogs: 25.5 - 28.5" (65 - 73 cm)
Females: 23.5 - 26.5" (60 - 68 cm)
Dogs: 77 - 99 lbs (35 - 45 kg)
Females: 66 - 88 lbs (30 - 40 kg)


Solid white. Shades of ivory, pale orange or lemon are tolerated but only in certain limits.

Very well furnished.  Hair long, rather harsh.  Slight waviness is tolerated but only in certain limits.

Courageous, intelligent, sturdy, and proud.
With Children
Yes, very protective, also with children's friends once he gets used to them.  Best if the owner makes a formal introduction.  He objects to strange children being physical with his children.
With Pets
Yes, he was bred to care about sheep and goats.  Quite tolerant with family's pets.  Trouble is to be over food.  If more than one dog is kept it is important to feed separately.
Special Skills

Family pet, stock and property protection.
Watch Dog
Watch-dog: Very high.  Intuitive, watchful and has a strong sense of territory.  Bark a lot.  Unsociable and reserved with strangers.
Guard Dog

Incomparable.  Might guard you too much.  He has strong guarding instincts.
Care and Exercise
Exceptionally clean in his habits.  Brushing once a week. Dry shampoo or bath when necessary.  Needs no training for guarding.
House training easy.  Social and obedience training is a necessity with a dog of this size and it has to start early.  He must be heavily socialized before the age of 6 months and must get used to meeting strangers.  A 10 month puppy may weigh 30 to 40 Kg.  At about 8 Weeks of age working puppy dogs should get in touch with some subjects of the flock to develop their senses of smell.  They must be involved in working with the stock before the sixth months.
Learning Rate

Medium.  Has to learn very young.  After he is slow in responding to a command.
Medium.  Puppies are large and active and their growth rate is fast.  Free running will be especially beneficial for muscle development.
12- 14 years
Litter Size
6 - 9 puppies
Country of Origin